Frequently Asked Questions
Does the D50 have a "movie" mode?

Is it possible to use the LCD screen as a view finder?
No.  This is apparently the case with all digital SLRs.

Does the D50 have a continuous shooting mode?
Yes. It operates at about 3 frames a second.  Note that this mode does not work if the flash is in operation.

Does the D50 have bracketing?
Yes it has two different bracketing modes: one which takes three pictures with different exposure settings and one which takes three pictures with different white balance settings.   There is a choice of plus and minus settings.  Note that you need to press the shutter three times for the three images, so if you are taking more than one shot, you need to remember to take three shots of each subject.

What software comes with the D50?
Nikon PictureProject which covers transfer, cataloguing, printing and rudimentary editting.  There is also a 30 day trial of Nikon Capture 4.  This has editting facilities, which though comprehensive are some way below Photoshop Elements. There are two reasons why you to buy
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